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Kosala and Kusavati
On the border district of Gonda and Shravasti lies a vast area of ruins known at the present day as Sahet Mahet or Set Mahet represents the ancient site of Shravasti which covered the region comprising of both the districts. The ancient history of both these districts therefore,is the history of Shravasti and region around it.It was the capital of Uttar Kosala. About 16 km. from Balrampur,83km. north of Ayodhya and 1,152km.from Rajgir.The town was founded by Sravasta.A king of Solar race Sahet.The first member of the twin name.Is applied to the site of the walled city of Shravasti. The Vayu Purana and Uttra khand of the Ramayana speak of the two Kosala., and mention Shravasti as capital of north Kosala and Kusavati as that of the south Kosala. The two Kosalas are said to have been once under the suzerainty of one and the same king . The epic hero Rama,who had installed his son Kusa in south Kosala with its capital Kusavati at the foot of the Vindhyas and his son Lava in north Kosala with Shravasti as its capital.
Shravasti is the Savatthi or Savatthipura of the Buddhists and Chandrapura or chandrikapuri of the Jainas. Savatthi is the pali and ardhamagadhi form of the Sanskrit name Sravasti.