VMC Minutes



Minutes of the VMC



The meeting of the Vidyalaya Management Committee was held in the Library Hall of the Vidyalaya on 30.03.2012. The meeting was presided over by Honourable Chairman VMC, Sr. DME, Mr B.K. Pandey. The following members of the VMC were present on this graceful occasion



1. Sh. B K Pandey, Chairman, VMC, KV Rail Parisar, Gonda

2. Sh. A H Khan , DME, Diesel Shed , Gonda

3. Sh. Dhirendra Mehrotra, XEN/FBWP, NER, Gonda

4. Sh. A K Srivastava , AEN/Spl, NER, Gonda

5. Dr S K Mishra, SDMO, NER Hospital, Gonda

6. Sh. KCP Munda, Manager, HP Gonda

7. Sh. B Choudhary, SMM, Diesel Shed, Gonda

8. Sh. A C Batham, Principal, SGVIC, Gonda

9. Sh Ram Singh, Principal, GIC, Gonda

10. Sh K K Mishra , Teacher Representative , KV Gonda

11. Smt Kum Kum Singh, Parent Member, Semra Colony, Gonda

12. Sh. V.P. Chand, Secretary/Principal K.V. Gonda.

The Principal, Mr V.P. Chand, first of all, formally extended a warm welcome to all the members and greeted them. After that the proceedings started. The following points were discussed and decisions taken


1.      First of all the minutes of the previous VMC meeting, which was held on 16.7.2011, were considered by the chairman.

2.      The Results of Board classes i.e. X/XII, of session 2010-11 were presented by the Principal along with the comparative results for last three years. The members of the VMC considered and reviewed the results. It was suggested by the Chairman that regular monitoring of academics should be initiated to improve upon the results. Simultaneously, the results of Internal exam i.e. classes I to IX and XI for the session 2012-2013 were also presented.

3.      A letter from Railway was presented by the Principal to the committee regarding the payment of arrears of Rent of land on which the Building of school has been constructed. The Chairman discussed the matter and asked the Principal to pay the arrear to the Railway as per the agreement.

4.      The Principal informed the committee that the security money of the contractor UP Samaj Kalyan Nigam has been held up as the work of earth filling in the school play ground and the staff quarters campus has not yet been completed. The chairman said that the same may be released only after completion of the work assigned upto the level.

5.      It was informed by the Principal that there has been a slight change in the timings of the vidyalaya as per the instructions of the KVS .According to new schedule the school will start at 7.30 am. The students will remain in the vidyalaya upto 1.40 pm. However the members of the staff will remain upto 3.00 pm in order to ensure safe arrival and departure of the students. This extended time will also be used for preparation, academic planning, checking of written work of the students, planning of activities etc.



6.       The Principal presented the report of the achievements of the students during the session regarding scout/Guide movement, Science exhibition, Social Science Exhibition and Games and Sports activities. The committee expressed satisfaction to the report and suggested that fruitful and continuous efforts be made to improve upon the overall performance of the students in various scholastic and co-scholastic areas in order to enable them to improve their personality.

7.      The Principal raised the point that academic work related to computers and official work suffers because of frequent breakdowns of electricity. He proposed that a power Generator is necessary for smooth running of work. The committee considered this point and granted permission to purchase a power generator for the vidyalaya as per KVS Rules.

8.      The problem of Drainage system and overflowing waste tanks was raised before the committee. The Chairman said that the essential services for the disposal of solid waste may be hired and the work may be done in order to ensure cleanliness and good hygienic conditions.

9.      The committee suggested that medical checkup of the students must be done periodically. The services of the Railway-Hospital may be utilized for the purpose. If services of the railway Hospital are not available, Doctors from outside may be called on payment basis as per rules to ensure medical checkup of the students.

10.  The Principal proposed that earth-filling is required in the children Park in view of the facilities and safety of the students to raise the level of the park & play ground development. The committee approved of the proposal and said that the work may be done following the procedures of the KVS.

11.  The Principal proposed that advertisement to be given for the vacant posts in the Vidyalaya to appoint teachers on contract basis for the session2012-2013 was necessary. The committee approved of the proposal and asked the Principal to proceed.

12.  The principal informed the committee that the budget allocation for the session 2012-13 will be presented for perusal after it has been prepared.

13.  The Principal asked the committee to permit the vidyalaya to undertake minor repair and maintenance work pertaining to electrical works and civil work including water supply and drainage system & park development in vidyalaya & residential campus. The committee approved of the proposal and granted permission to do the work as and when required , following the rules of the KVS

14.  The principal proposed that the vidyalaya building and staff quarters needed white-wash and colour-wash for which the funds have been sanctioned and released by KVS during session 11-12. The committee approved the proposal and said that the work may be done in the light of the KVS rules utilizing the funds already released for the purpose.

15.  The committee suggested that no stones should be left unturned to facilitate the students for their overall academic and co-curricular growth and development.








Salient features of the VMC Meetings


Date of I meeting


Date of II meeting


Date of III meeting


Date of IV meeting


Date of V




1. The meeting was held to recruit part time contractual teachers.

2. To discuss the internal results of the vidyalaya.

1. Appropriation of budget of V.V.N.

2. To discuss the performance of the students appearing at X/ XII 2009 Boards exam.

1. Inspection of school infrastructure and discussing academic growth.

2. Proposals for condemnation of unserviceable/damaged items of various departments.

1. Interviews to appoint part time contractual teachers against the seats vacant in the vidyalaya.

2.Report about accruing the vidyalaya building by Election Commission of India with reference to General Parliamentary Election -2009

1. Presentation and approval of budget.

2. Condemnation of unserviceable material.

3. Proposals for purchase, repair & maintenance of different teams related to vidyalaya.


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F-26082/VMC/2009-10/KVGonda / Date: 20.03.2010


1. Shri B.K.Pandey Sr. D.M.E.NERGonda Chairman VMC.

2. Shri A.H.Khan DME Gonda.

3. Shri Avdesh Chandra BathamPrincipal S.G.V.I.C. Gonda.

4. Shri V.P.Singh PrincipalG.I.C.Gonda.

5. Smt. Kumkum Singh ParentMember.

6. Dr. S.K.Mishra S.D.M.O. NER Gonda.

7. Shri Satya Narayan SSM/Diesel Shed Gonda.

8. Shri A.K.Srivastav A.E.N./Spl/NER Gonda

9. Shri K.C.P. Munda ManagerH.P.Gonda.

10. Dr.KiranBala PrincipalK.V.Gonda,

11. Shri K.D.Tiwari TeacherRepresentative.

MINUTES OF V.M.C.Meeting Held On20.03.2010

 1.The meeting was held in the office of theChairman,VMC/ Sr. D.M.E.Diesel Shed NER Gonda on 20.03.2010.The members of theVMC were present and the meeting was presided over by the Chairman.

 2. First of all the Chairman welcomed themembers and greeted them. After that the minutes of the previous meeting whichwas held on 14.10.2009 were read out for confirmation.

 3. New fee structure designed by the KVS whichis in force from October,2009 was presented before the members for information.The Chairman desired to know the number of candidates who are exempted from thefees on BPL Ground. It was brought to his notice that as on 20.03.2010, therewere six candidates availing the facility of exemption under BPL Quota.

 4. It was discussed that the CBSE Exams-2010 arerunning and the results were expected to be announced by May,2010. ThePrincipal expressed her hope that the result of the vidyalaya would bequalitative and exemplary.

 5. The status and procedure for the Admissionsto class I & IX (SC/ST) were discussed and it was told by the Principalthat things were in progress.

 6. The Interviews of Part Time ContractualTeachers for the post of PGT (MATHS), TGT (MATHS)Computer Instructor, GamesCoach, Drawing Teacher& Spoken English Teacher were conducted and the panelof selected candidates was made. The Chairman instructed that the selectedcandidates must join as early as possible having completed the proceduralformalities so that the studies of the students should not suffer in the newsession starting on 01.04.2010.

 7. The Principal requested the Chairman todecide the date for the Annual Function of the Vidyalaya. The Chairman accordedhis consent and approval and the matter was finalized. It was also finalizedthat the function will be done in the Manoranjan Sansthan which will be hiredfrom the Railway as per Railway Rates. The Chairman approved the plan andpermitted to do so.

 8. Papers of Condemnation of items which wereunserviceable were presented before the Chairman. The physical verification ofthe said items of various departments of the vidyalaya e.g. S.U.P.W.; AUDIO-VISUAL, OFFICE EQUIPMENTS; FURNITURE,MUSIC;TEACHING AIDS etc had already been done by the members of the VMCon 14.10.2009 when the meeting of VMC was conducted in the Vidyalaya. TheChairman approved of the papers and accorded permission to conduct auction orto destroy the items which were not even fit for auction.

 9. Revision of ceilings & financial powerfor incurring expenditure under VVN- a letter from KVS on this matter was readout before the VMC and it was reported by the Principal that the norms laid inthe said letter were being followed in the Vidyalaya. The Chairman approved thedecision.

 10. Re-allocation of the Budget for 2009-10 waspresented before the VMC but the Chairman said that the same may be presentedto him after the completion of the financial year.

 11. Non- observance of financial ceiling of expenditure (VVN) under thehead R/M of audio-visual & MusicalInstruments 2007-08 and 2008-09. PARA-9 of the Audit was presented before theVMC. The excess expenditure of Rs.53,046/= was considered and approved by theCommittee. The details of the said expenditure are as follows:





Item of expenditure with

Sr No of OM referred to above







Excess expenditure







Repair & Maintenance of Audio -Visual & Musical Instruments (3D)







Purchase of Audio visual & Musical instruments (6)













 12. The Printings of student diaries,question-papers and Magazines and Repair- Maintenance work / accessories(Electrical , Civil, Plumbering and sanitary job), Petty construction work etcin school building, Campus & staff quarters, are done by out sources. Thiswas reported by the Principal and the committee approved of the procedure i.e.purchase /work within Principals power and inviting quotation, preparing comparativestatement of rates and placing orders for the cheapest one etc.

 13. For Ward and Watch services, the services ofOut Sourcing Agency are utilized and the same services are regularized for thenext session also. Under this head the services of Watchman, Gardener, andSweeper are hired.

 14. The Principal said that the purchases offurniture for Library, Staff Room, Resource Room and the Office and the greenboards for class rooms were to be required in the Vidyalaya. The Chairman saidthat the same may be done as per the purchase procedure of the KVS.

 15. The reports duly approved by the VEC onRepair & Maintenance( Civil & Electrical) and Petty Construction workdone in Vidyalaya and staff quarters,during the session 2009-10 were presented by the Principal before theVMC. The committee approved of the work and expenditure incurred on it.

 16. The Principal informed the Committee thatthe proposals for Development Works along with estimate received from Govt.Approved Agency have been sent to the KVS RO Lucknow for onward transmission toKVS (HQ) New Delhifor necessary action. These proposals are for Development of SportsInfrastructure- Playground development and Drain Construction Work; andConstruction of Multipurpose Hall for indoor games as well as culturalactivities. The matter was discussed and approved. The construction work willbe started after Administrative Approval and sanction of fund by KVS (HQ) New Delhi.

 17. A Submersible pump was hired in theVidyalaya for the supply of water in vidyalaya campus as well as staffquarters. For the payment, the due permission was taken from the VEC. The samewas presented before the Chairman for his approval. He discussed the matter andapproved of the payment to be made to the agency concerned from where the saidpump was hired.

 18. The Points mentioned in the Agenda underPart-(V) S.No.(c) to (o) under the head Development Work for session 2010-11were discussed in the Committee and theChairman accorded his permission to under take and initiate the work as perconvenience.

 19. The Principal reported to the Committeeabout the Civil works which were under process being done by Govt. Agencies asConstruction of Additional Staff Quarters ( Type III- 04 No; Type II- 04No.);Earth Filling in the pond inside the school campus and low land in thestaff quarter campus; drain construction work in the staff quarter campus ThePrincipal told that the work was almost in final stage and she furtherrequested the Chairman to provide the services of a Civil &ElectricalEngineer at the time of Handing/ taking over of the said work. However, themonitoring work was already being done by the committee constituted atVidyalaya level.

 20. The Principal gave the report about thequarters allotted to the KVS Employees by the Railway - Pool and the staffquarters made by the KVS. The Chairman said if the requirement of the K.V. isfulfilled by the quarters made by the KVS, the quarters allotted by the Railway- Pool should be return to railway.

 21. The Principal told the Committee that afterearth filling in the staff- quarters campus, the aprons surrounding thebuilding walls of the quarters are hidden and there is a risk of seepage.Therefore, it is required to construct the aprons from the safety point of viewof the buildings. The committee said that suitable correspondence may be madewith the KVS by the Principal at her end.

 22. The committee approved of the White Wash; Colour Wash,Civil and Electrical maintenance work etc. in the staff quarters as peravailability of the funds released by the KVS for this purpose during thesession. This approval was given by the Committee when the Principal had toldthe Committee about the said requirements.

 23. The Principal informed the committee aboutthe Electric- bills and the load sanctioned to the Vidyalaya as well as staffquarters by the railway electricity department.

The railwayelectricity department has started sending the bills at high load rates. Theysay that earlier the bills were served at lower loads rates erroneously as theload sanctioned to the Vidyalaya is higher. At Vidyalaya level, requests weremade to the authorities of railway electricity department to inform about thesanction of load; but they have not produced any satisfactory information sofar. The Committee said that the matter should be monitored regularly and thesaid information must be obtained to avoid further complications.

�24. The Parent members suggested that:

�(a) There should be LCD Projector for teaching,especially in higher classes.

�(b) There should be provision for an additional Aqua guard/ R.O. with watercooler

facility for students.

�(c) Chlorine plant for Over Head Water supplytank must be installed and the guidelines for the same may be obtained from Dr.S.K. Mishra S.D.M.O. NER Gonda.

�(d) Certificate for earth quake proof buildingmust be obtained from construction agency/ C.P.W.D.

The Principal thanks the Chairmanand the members of the committee and the meeting was adjourned with theblessings of the Chairman.


Name of member of VMC


Signature of members


Shri B.K.Pandey Chairman VMC

Sr. D.M.E.NER Gonda.




Shri A.H.Khan





Shri Avdesh Chandra Batham

Principal S.G.V.I.C. Gonda




Shri V.P.Singh

Principal G.I.C.Gonda.




Smt. Kumkum Singh

Parent Member.




Dr. S.K.Mishra

S.D.M.O. NER Gonda.




Shri Satya Narayan

SSM/Diesel Shed Gonda.




Shri A.K.Srivastav

A.E.N./ Spl/NER Gonda




Shri K.C.P. Munda

Manager H.P.Gonda.





Principal K.V.Gonda




Shri K.D.Tiwari

Teacher Reprepresentative





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F.26082/ KVGonda/2010-11/VMC/ / Date: 22/25.10.2010

AGENDA : V.M.C. Meeting held on 25.10. 2010








Discussion on the Minutes of previous VMC Meeting held on 20.03.2010




RESULT session 2009-10

2(a) Home Exam session 2009-10

2(b) Board Exam session 2009-10



1.Enrolment Position of Students (as on 30.09.2010) & Vacant seats position

2..Fresh Admission 2010-11



1.Vacancy Position (for employees)

2. Part Time/ Contractual Staff Engaged.



Change in Examination System C.C.E.



First term result April to Sept 2010 One Term












(C) Material Purchased.

(D) Expenditure in repair & maintenance





Participation and Achievements





(A) Proposal sent to K.V.S. RO Lucknow last year for development of sports infrastructure.

2 Requirement of Additional funds for maintenance of Children Park & play field

for different games etc.

3. Electrical & Civil Repair/ Maintenance work in Vidyalaya.

4. White wash and Colour wash of school building & staff quarters

including compound wall.

5. Future plan for R/M Work etc including Safety of students and

Annual R/M of staff quarters etc.



Annual Activities

1.C.C.A./ Literary Activities

2. Scholastic Activities at School / Cluster / Regional/

National level



ICT infrastructure

Computer System needs upgradation



Medical check up of students



Condemnation of Unserviceable items in different

departments and labs.



Other matters / topic as per permission of the Chair.



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F. 26082/K.V.Gonda/2010-11/VMC/ /Date: 25/31.10.2010

V.M.C. Meeting Date:25.10.2010

Venue: Office of Senior DME, Diesel Shed, NER Gonda


1.       TheChairman VMC, Senior DME, Diesel Shed Gonda welcomed and greeted the members ofthe VMC present in the meeting.

2.       Thefollowing members were present in the meeting.

(I ) Shri B. K. Pandey Sr. D.M.E.NER Gonda,Chairman VMC.

(II ) Shri A. H. Khan DME Gonda. Member.VMC

(III) Shri A. K. Srivastav A.E.N./ Spl /NER Gonda Member VMC

(IV) Dr. Kiran Bala Principal K.V.Gonda,

(V) Shri K. D. Tiwari TeacherRepresentative VMC

3.       First of all The Chairman made a discussion onthe minutes of the previous VMC meeting held on 20.03.2010 & 21.06.2010 andtook the feedback related to the plans, prospects and decisions taken in the said meeting.

4.       TheChairman asked AEN/Spl. A.K. Srivastav MemberVMC to provide details including estimate for the installation of ChlorinatePlant on over head tank of water supply whichis located inside the Vidyalaya Campus.

5.       Resultof Home Exam 2009-10 and that of the Board Exam- 2010 were presented by thePrincipal along with the comparative summary of last three year results. Afteranalysis of the result, The Chairman expressed his satisfaction and advised thePrincipal to make all necessary efforts for the improvement of the results ofthe Vidyalaya in the ensuing Home / Board Exams- 2011. The Chairman alsosuggested highlighting the students achievement in various fields inNewspapers etc time to time.

6.       Detailsof enrolment position of students (as on 30.09.2010) & vacant seatsposition were submitted by the Principal for the perusal of the VMC.

7.       Adetails of fresh admissions during the session 2010-11 was submitted to TheChairman by the Principal.

8.       Vacancyposition of the staff against the sanctioned posts and the details of Part time/ contractual staff were submitted by the Principal. The Chairman said that nopost should be left vacant in the larger interest of the students.

9.       Changein examination system i.e. C.C.E. was discussed and the details of thisinitiative of the C.C.E. were presented to the VMC by the Principal in the formof PC Power Point Presentation.

10.    Themarks statements of the students pertaining to F.A-1; F.A-2 and S.A-1 wereshown to the VMC and the system, as per norms prescribed by the CCE, wasdiscussed.

11.    Thebudget was submitted; Discussed and approved. The Principal brought to thenotice of the VMC that in compliance with the needs, the proposals forDevelopment of Sports Infrastructure Playground development, DrainConstruction work, Construction of Multipurpose Hall for Indoor games as wellas cultural activities have been sent to KVS and the action is still awaited.

12.    Revisionof ceilings & financial powers for incurring expenditure under VVN aletter from KVS on this matter was discussed before VMC and it was reported bythe Principal that the norms laid in the said letter were being followed in theVidyalaya, The Chairman approved the decision.

13.    Thefollowing details pertaining to Material purchasing and expenditure done inRepair & Maintenance Work e.g. Safety & Security of Students, Providingadequate Drinking Water facilitates and sanitation; in compliance with therecent instruction of the KVS; were presented to VMC. The committee approvedthe said matter.

Material Purchased

1.Library:Chairs 50 No

2. ExamDeptt: Stationary & Printingmaterials Question papers and Answer sheet etc.

3. SchoolBuilding (Miss.): R.O Water Filter- 01 No & WaterCooler- 01 No.

4. Audio Visual Deptt: Battery 12 V for P. A.System- 02 Nos & repair maintenanceof electronic accessories e.g Mick, sound horn. amplifier etc.

5. PettyConstruction work: Fabrication & installation of steel/ iron net door and cages for students safety.

6. Schoolbuilding repair-maintenance : Water Shade & water supply pipe linefabrication for use filter and water cooler water by students and staff.


1. Safety & Security of Students. (a) Preventive Measures taken byVidyalaya Administration.

i-                    Against Animal menace:Stray dogs etc.

ii-                  Against PoisonousInsects & Reptiles inside the campus.

iii-                 Against Electricalequipments & gadgets installed in school building and campus.

2.Providing adequate Drinking Waterfacilities to Students and staff members.








Expenditure was don mainly in Fabrication of Safety & Security Devices, Providing adequate drinking water, repair & maintenance work etc For students and staff members.













14.    ThePrincipal presented a report regarding participation and achievements of thestudents in Games and Sports at different levels in different events.

15.    Thedetails under the Head Repair & Maintenance Work as per agenda werepresented by the Principal. The details are as follow. The Chairman discussedthe details and accorded his approval.

1. Electrical & Civil Repair/Maintenance work: It isgoing on as per daily/ monthly / quarterly / yearly requirement of the schoolbuilding, campus & Staff Quarters, campus.


It was done in school building and somepart of compound wall in May- June 2006.

In the staff quarters and compound wall itwas done at the time of construction in 2006.

Now Vidyalaya Administration wants to doabove mentioned work in this session. For this we have to prepare an estimateof expenditure and it has to be sent to KVS RO for sanction of fund because itis not possible to manage it out of VVN incase of school building and in case ofstaff quarter out of annual repair &maintenance grant sanctioned .


1.       Purchaseand installation of Inverter and battery for Office and Computer lab.

2.       Safetyand security of students: Grill fabrication and fixing on the windows of classrooms in secondary section and bathrooms etc.

3.       Annualrepair and maintenance work (civil & electrical)of staff quarters andcampus.


16.    The calendar ofAnnual Activities i.e. C.C.A., Literary, Scholastic & Co- scholastic atSchool level/ Cluster/ Regional and National Level was presented by the Principalto the VMC. The Chairman suggested that most of the activities should be done swiftlyto ensure mass participation of the students.

17.    The Principalpresented the details as per KVS Letter no. F.26345/2010-11/ RO LKO/25789 Date:06.10.2010 and in the light of the suggestion of Honble Education Officer onthe occasion of the Annual Panel Inspection of the Vidyalaya about the need of upgradation of existing configuration of computer systems in Vidyalaya, purchaseof LCD Projector for Resource room (for CMP activities), arrangement ofinternet connectivity in labs and activity room, suitable furniture and otherphysical civil and electrical development work at activity room etc. TheChairman asked to Principal to prepare estimate of work and amount of said workand sent it to KVS RO for necessary action after VMC approval.

18.    The Chairman saidthat the medical checkup of the students may be managed by the Vidyalaya on itsown level as per KVS Rules.

19.    The Chairman saidthat a Committee for condemnation of unserviceable items of various departmentsin the Vidyalaya should be constituted. Mr. A.H. Khan VMC member, from DieselShed was nominated to be one of the members of the said committee. He furthersaid that the condemnation may be done by the committee as per KVS rules.

20.    The Principalasked the committee to permit to run the cycle stand in the Vidyalaya onpayment basis which could be managed on contract to some other party. TheChairman said that additional cycle stand may be constructed if required landand fund are available.

21.    The Principalraised the matter of School Canteen. The Chairman said that it could be run asper feasibility, facilities and need of the Vidyalaya, in the light of the KVS Rules.

22.    The Chairman saidthat the quarters allotted to the Vidyalaya from Railway Pool may be returnedto Railway Authorities, if not needed by the Vidyalaya.

The Principal thanks The Chairman and themembers of the committee and the meeting was adjourned with the blessings of TheChairman.


Name of member of VMC


Signature of members


Shri B.K.Pandey Chairman VMC

Sr. D.M.E.NER Gonda.



Shri A.H.Khan




Shri Avdesh Chandra Batham

Principal S.G.V.I.C. Gonda



Shri V.P.Singh

Principal G. I. C. Gonda.



Smt. Kumkum Singh

Parent Member.



Dr. S.K.Mishra

S.D.M.O. NER Gonda.



Shri Bharat Chaudhari

SSM/Diesel Shed Gonda.



Shri A.K.Srivastav

A.E.N./ Spl. /NER Gonda



Shri K.C.P. Munda

Manager H. P. Gonda.




Principal K. V. Gonda



Shri K.D.Tiwari

Teacher Representative